Wednesday Late Night Conversations …

Just a quick post about a funny moment last night … I felt it deserved its own post rather than being bundled into the Weekly Roundup (which is still coming later today) … Last night Perry and I were in bed and I was setting my alarm on my phone as I have done every night for since I have had the iPhone … (that would be Nov 2011 since you asked) … Perry noticed me manually setting my alarm and casually told me that I could just set it for certain days of the week …

A little side note here … I know phones do this … my previous Blackberry did … but for some reason I never figured out the function for it on the iPhone … and didn’t really consider asking Perry about it for some reason …

photo(Yes that is how many alarms it takes for me to get out of bed and bear in mind I had to be out the door by 6.30am to get to work for 7.30am when I was based in Abu Dhabi)

When I explained to him that I didn’t know how to do it he showed me … I still proceeded to set my alarm manually … when he asked me why I did that … I replied that I didn’t want to do it now as after tomorrow it would be the weekend … to which he again reminded me that you select the days you want the alarm to go off and can skip the weekends … at which point we both burst into laughter and I tried explaining in my tired hysterical giggles that what I meant to say was as I am starting a new job on Sunday I didn’t know yet what time I had to set my alarm for so I didn’t want to do it yet … but for some reason my brain decided the weekend excuse would be a better option …

Anyway that was how our Wednesday night ended … laughing like idiots …


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