Perry, Mina, Hugo & Derek – Our Little Family – Dubai Family Photographer

A couple weeks ago I was going through my archives from this year and sorting out my photos … I’d been abit lax lately with keeping my photos properly organised … and as I was going through the pictures of the kittens I realised while I’ve taken loads and loads of photos of the boys on their own there are very few pictures of me and Perry with them (none of all four together) … and the majority of the ones we did have with us were taken on an iPhone camera in crappy lighting meaning the actual picture isn’t the best quality … So I decided it was high time we got some proper pictures with our little kittens …

A couple weeks back, I set aside an hour one evening, organised my lights and cleared the dining room area of all kitten toys … they were suitably bemused by the rearrangement of all their stuff … and was able to get everything set up without any trouble … Perry was on hand to keep the kittens entertained and away from the trailing cables …

On a side note – they have developed a love of chewing through phone/laptop cables recently and we’ve tried a bunch of things to deter them but nothings worked and we have run out of ideas … (If anyone has any suggestions of how to stop them chewing our cables then please email me or leave me a comment below) … I’m worried they will hurt themselves doing it one day and for now we just try to turn everything off at the socket or hide the cables … but would really like to find away to discourage them permanently …

Anyways here are some of the pictures we managed to get that evening … the boys were interested at first by the whole setup but they soon got bored of being flashed by bright lights and ran off …

This was also the same evening I took the pictures for the GIF I posted HERE

Feel free to contact me regarding photography related services, I am available for bookings for Portraits/Family sessions, Weddings and Events/Parties … so drop me an email at for inquiries about pricing and availability …

Till next time …

Mina X

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14 thoughts on “Perry, Mina, Hugo & Derek – Our Little Family – Dubai Family Photographer

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  2. Wonderful pictures of you and your little family. Great post. It seems a bit cruel, but have you thought of smearing a little mustard on the cables. not the really hot English variety but sharp enough in taste to deter inquisitive kitties from nibbling (French and German mustard are far milder by the way)?

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