PARIS – July 9th 2011

July 9th is a big deal for us for two reasons … Firstly Perry asked me to marry him on this date last year … Secondly it was the same day Perry accepted his job offer for a position in Dubai and we committed to making the move here … It was a pretty special weekend for those two reasons alone … and then to throw in a weekend in Paris with beautiful summer weather … well that was the icing on the cake …

We had an amazing time there … and Perry found the most beautiful little Bed and Breakfast place near the Gard Du Nord station where the Eurostar came into … it was called A Room In ParisΒ and was a flat converted into a lovely B&B … Perry actually asked me to marry him on the balcony of our room …

Anyways thats enough of me being all sappy about itΒ … I’ve been very sentimental lately … I just wanted to share some of pictures from our time in Paris … Hope you enjoy …

1. Notre Dame … 2. Candles inside Notre Dame … 3. Our bedroom and windows leading out to our balcony … 4. Random photo of someone taking a photo while walking around Paris …

1. Eiffel Tower … 2. Louvre … 3. Old School Ice Cream Van!

1. Louvre … 2. The Seine …

Out for dinner at the most yummy restaurant called Le Plomb Du Cantal with the best potatoes the evening we got engaged … πŸ™‚

Views from the top of the Tour Montparnasse … I thought it was better than the Eiffel Tower … Cheaper ticket and no queues and you get the Eiffel Tower in your photos!

1. Perry Smiling … 2. Perry pulling funny face … 3. SNUGGLES!

1. Trying to figure out where to go next … 2. Pompidou Centre … 3. Street Musicians …

1. Having a celebratory meal with my cousin who was visiting Paris that same weekend … 2. Street artist …

We had such a great time in Paris … I’d love to go back someday …

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend … I’m off to see the Doctor this evening to have tests done to try and figure out whats causing my allergic reactions … πŸ™‚

Till next time …

Mina X

P.S. because I wanted to publish this post on the actual anniversary of our engagement the regular Monday Inspirations post will be on Tuesday (tomorrow) this week.

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