Abit of Fun with the Camera …

Hey … just a quick one here … Perry and I were taking some pictures this evening with the kittens … and I will share some of those pics soon … But at the end after the kittens got bored of having their pictures taken … Perry snapped a few fun pictures of me pulling silly faces … so I did a quick edit and compiled them all into a little GIF … 😛

I had abit of fun with this and its my first GIF animation … but hope you find it amusing … let me know what you think?

Till next time …

Mina X


7 thoughts on “Abit of Fun with the Camera …

    • Ha Ha … thank you … I like pulling silly faces … athough not usually for the camera …

      and I’m impressed that you picked up on the Tiger impersonation … Perry actually said “now give me a tiger face” for that picture … I’d have assumed people would have guessed it to be a lion 😛

  1. Now we know how you get the kittens to keep still and pose for you…you make your little tiger face and they go WOW, we’d better behave, there’s a big cat about!

    • HA HA HA … I wish … they just look at me funny when i do that … I usually try to wait till they are semi tired before I take their pictures … either that or I have Perry help me to get their attention 😛

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