Kitten Video Time … 7 Months

The boys are coming up to 7 months old and we’ve had them for about 4 months now … its hard to imagine a time when we didnt have them in our lives … but they are growing up fast …

I’ve been wanting to do another video of them while playing … we have a couple of them from when they were really tiny and we first brought them home … Here and Here if you want to go have a look …

But we havent done any videos of the boys since we got them really and so today we did another … and they are just as bouncy and as jumpy as ever …

Music is by Foster the People – Pumped Up Kicks

Derek is the one who is the one trying to climb the walls in the clips to catch the laser pointer dot … and Hugo is the clumsy one who keeps falling off the bed!

Sorry about the abrupt ending with the music and the shaky video footage … I’m not much of a videographer … photos are more my forte!

Anyways stay tuned I have more posts planned … I’m making a Panang Curry for lunch and I remembered a number of people asked for the recipe so I’ll be posting that either later today or tomorrow with photos …

We have Pooh staying with us now and I took some time between making lunch and editing this video to take a few pics of Pooh and the boys … although separately … Pooh is preferring being on her own in the spare room at the moment with Perry keeping her company while he gets on with his stuff … shes still settling in and getting used to her surroundings … the boys are just really curious and always want to play with her and I dont think she’s quite ready for that yet …

So stay tunned for a couple more kitten updates and some other Posts coming soon …

Till next time …

Mina X


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