This is just a quick one … back in November I took part in a photography project called 1DAY6 CITIES … the organisers were trying to get footage from a whole 24hr period on the 11.11.11 from 6 cities around the world … you can read more about that HERE … and you can read more about how the actual day taking the pictures went over HERE

Anyway so yesterday evening … after almost 7 months of waiting … I had the following email drop into my Inbox …

Dear All, 

the website showcasing the project is now live at www.1day6cities.org, thank you for your contributions to the project and being patient while we spliced it all together. Please check the information we have put on there for you and let us know if there are any mistakes. 

Please distribute widely! We would like as many people as possible to see the work we all put in. 

We are currently exhibiting the project in Auckland at the Photography Festival, one of our contributors Julia Durkin, is the director and invited us there and one of our contributors, David Prentice very kindly organised and hug the show for us. We would love to exhibit it in all of the cities so please get in touch if you have any ideas of venues or would like to help us organise this at your end. 

Hope you enjoy the website!


Daniel and Patrick

So I had to go check out the video and as it turns out they did two versions of the clips and amalgamated them into one clip … you can see my contribution for the Dubai video from 5.10-5.30 in the video … from the pictures I took from our balcony …

So please have a look and share it around … and if you guys are able to go down and check out the exhibitions as it moves around that would be awesome too … I hope they do make it to Dubai as I’d love to go along and check it out …

Till next time …

Mina X


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