Sick Day & More Kitten Photos

So I got home from work last night and as I was getting ready to head out again … (plan was to meet Vicky, Craig and Perry at Dubai Mall for food) … when I had a sudden onset of dizziness, headache and nausea … and went to lie down straight away … it soon became apparent that I wasn’t well at all and I wouldn’t make it to the mall for dinner …

Once I got hold of Perry and let him know how I was feeling, plans changed and everyone came home and we ordered in instead … I did perk up a bit after some food but the dizziness and headaches persisted … I tried to get an early night and still felt crap this morning so called in sick and headed out to the Doctor’s to get it checked …

Turns out I had developed some sort of hormone imbalance thing which was causing problems with my ears and internal balance … hence the nausea, headaches and dizziness … not pregnancy! … (as was suggested on facebook by several people) … Anyway so I came home armed with a bunch of meds and orders to rest for a couple days … so settled down with a coffee and some toast and basically spent the morning resting …

Then as the kittens were getting more playful I decided to set up the clothes rack again for them to have a play around … Hugo was much better at clambering around it this time … and was loving it … Derek however was not quite so enamoured with the rack this time and stayed clear … once they were done with that the playing moved to the living room and their cardboard boxes …

I had some fun playing with them and even though the lighting was proving to be quite tricky at times I was happy with the results … and hope you will all like it too …

I’m hoping this ear thing clears up soon … I have plans for the rest of the week and I can really do without being constantly dizzy …

Till next time …

Mina X


8 thoughts on “Sick Day & More Kitten Photos

    • thank you … im still not any better … but have narrowed it down to a possible allergy (not the kittens thankfully – im least symptomatic when im at home so thankfully its not them)

    • thank you … yeah these boys love to climb anything and everything … the sofas, their cat tree, the window sills, the bathroom sink, drying rack, cupboard shelves, desks, ironing board (wihtout iron on it) … the list goes on …

      they are very cute when they do it too 🙂

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