Everyone Meet Hugo …

Hugo is our beautiful little Scottish Fold kitten … After arriving in Dubai with his brother last week we went and picked him up from the Cattery last night and I negotiated a day working from home to be sure that he settled in ok …

On a slightly side note we are also getting his brother … however as he had caught ‘Kitty Flu’ in transit he was still too poorly to come home with his brother Hugo and we will have to wait a few more days for the vet to be sure he is ok before we can collect him … so his introduction will be the subject of a different post hopefully soon!

Ok so back to Hugo … he is the cutest little thing and has actually settled in quite quickly which is comforting … but anyways here are some basic facts about him …

  • He weighs less than a kilo at 930g
  • He is grey with lighter white stripes, a white patch under his chin and a stripy tail
  • His birthday is the 1st December 2011 making him 12 weeks old tomorrow
  • He is in love with his little mouse toy
  • He loves to pounce and bounce around with above mentioned toy
  • He hates the cat bed we bought him and has chosen to sleep in the gap between our pillows on the bed instead
  • He loves to hide behind our bed and to crawl out from between the mattress and the edge of the frame at the foot of the bed
  • If he is in a playful mood and you lower your head to his level he will give you a little ‘head bump’
  • He swipes/grabs at things with both paws … which looks so cute
  • He already has both Perry and I wrapped around his little paws!

Back to the story now, we first went to see Hugo and his brother last week on Monday after having initially decided that yes we were finally in a position to get kittens and had gotten permission from the landlord, we thought we would just ring around a few places to register our interest for Scottish Fold kittens so they could let us know the next time they were expecting some to come in … with no expectation of being able to get kittens any time soon!

I should explain here that Scottish Fold kittens are quite rare because of their folded ears … but that they are quite popular in the UAE (and other countries … notably in Japan and USA) so there are usually long waiting lists for kittens … Also Perry and I had our hearts set on getting Scottish Folds for a couple years now … but our circumstances in the UK had always meant it would not have been practical or fair (to the cat) to do so … So after moving out here and having decided that we could now get a kitten we decided to get two so they would atleast have each other for company whilst we are at work during the day …

So the hunt began … and as luck would have it whilst Perry was phoning round different places he came across this one Cattery who was expecting some Scottish Fold kittens at the start of last week … but without any concrete information as to how many kittens, if they had folded ears, what colour their fur was, or if they were male or female … we wrang incessantly to check on when they were going to arrive … to the point where when the receptionist at the Cattery picked up the phone … all we had to say was ‘Hi’ and she knew who we were …

Anyways so having finally arrived we went to see them after work on Monday last week … the cattery was only a 15mins walk from my office so I scurried off and Perry met me there not long after … from the moment I saw the two of them I knew they were exactly what we had been looking for … but the poor little ones were really quite tired andΒ  frightened by all the change so we didnt handle them for too long … especially as Hugo’s brother was abit sickly.

So having made the decision that they were the ones for us we figured out the details with the management and put a deposit down to reserve the kittens … and following that we went by every day after work for the next week to visit them and for them to get used to us before we brought them home … We even swung by on the Friday morning with Tom and Claire before going to brunch!

We were told initially that Hugo would be fine to come home on Tuesday (yesterday) but that our other little guy would probably have to stay with them for up to another week so they can monitor his recovery and be sure that he is putting on enough weight etc … In the mean time Perry and I set to Kitten proofing our flat and stocking up on toys and other supplies they would need …

Anyways so yesterday after work we headed over to the Cattery to pick up Hugo … after going over some details regarding feeding habits, what the optimum temperature for a kitten is etc … we loaded him in his crate and brought him home … he was abit aprehensive at first about coming out of the travel crate … but within 5 mins he had scoped out our room and was quickly making himself at home …

We spent the rest of the evening playing with him and trying to tire him out … which took a while … but considering he had been cooped up in a cage for most of the last week it wasnt too surprising that he was enjoying the freedom of being able to run around …

Tom and Claire who are still in Dubai (but staying at a hotel for their last couple nights) came over after dinner to visit and have a play with Hugo … which he loved … and he absolutely loves his little mouse on a string toy … it provided hours of entertainment … he would go hide under the bed and crawl out of the small gap between the end of the mattress and the bed frame to pounce on things …

If any of us stopped playing with him or if he couldnt find his mouse toy he would start crying for it until one of us caved and started dangling it infront of him again … and to be honest … it worked every time!

So when we finally went to bed neither of us were sure where he would decide to go to sleep … especially as he was decidedly not impressed with the cat bed we had provided … but no worries … he had decided that Perry’s stomach would be the best place to fall asleep! … After a slight relocation he finally settled down for the night on the bed between me and Perry until 5am when he woke me up by pawing me in the face!

So we ended up waking up around then playing with him and taking it in turns to doze abit longer before our alarms went off … Perry got up and dressed as usual for work while I threw on some shorts and a T-shirt to pop down to Starbucks for a morning coffee … I came back to spend the day with Hugo and try to get some work done as well …

Hugo turned out to be quite active and playful in the morning and took an active interest in anything and everything I was doing … he kept sitting on my laptop making it difficult to get anything done … or even when he did settle down long enough to watch some Gossip Girl with me he managed to keep clicking the buttons and making the video pause … at one point he even managed to refresh the page!

After trying to get some work done … and again being thwarted by Hugo who was either trying to eat my paperwork or sleeping on it … I gave up and decided to take a break for some lunch … after I had eaten Hugo decided he’d had enough play time and took what I thought would just be a nap but he ended up sleeping for about 4-5hours on the bed in the gap between our pillows … occasionally getting up to go to the litter box or for a stretch!

So finally I was able to get on with some work and even had a wonderful Skype chat with one of my friends, Declan, in Ireland … towards the end of this though he had woken up and was doing everything to get my attention … so I played with him for a bit until Perry got home from work and he got to have some play time …

We spent the rest of the evening lavishing Hugo with much love and attention … he is so incredibly adorable … we had to leave him in our room to go get dinner ready (we are confining him to the bedroom for a few days till he has settled properly before introducing the rest of the flat) … and every now and again you could hear him crying … so one of us would run back to check and make sure he’s ok … when there is actually nothing wrong with him … he just wants some attention and someone to throw a toy for him …

So there he is … Hugo our little Scottish Fold … will keep you posted on how he does and any developments with his brother …

I should go now as he is starting to cry for attention again … up until now he was happily dozing next to me …

Tomorrow were off to the Cricket (England Vs Pakistan) so will hopefully have more updates over the weekend!

Till next time …

Mina X

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314 thoughts on “Everyone Meet Hugo …

    • I agree! I love squishy faces – Shih Tzus and Pugs! Your cat is adorable and although I thought I would never contemplate adopting another pet, these photos certainly make me want to reconsider. I miss having a furry best friend.

  1. I am dying. He is ADORABLE! His big eyes are killing me. I’m a huge cat person & currently looking for the perfect kitten to be my little companion (I work from home & just moved to a new city) so this makes me even more eager to get a kitty! awesome pictures. xoxo

      • Bailey, you probably haven’t heard of Scottish Folds because they’re not recognized by any official breeding registries due to the fact that they’re prone to a plethora of genetic disorders. See the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy’s website: http://www.gccfcats.org/health.html (bottom of the page)

      • Whilst this is true … if Scottish Folds are bread properly and ethically they are perfectly healthy and do not suffer any more genetic disorders than other cats which are pure breed … it is unethical to breed a fold with a fold as this is what causes the many disorders you speak of … but a fold bread with a straight eared cat (such as a british shorthair) will not suffer the same problems … Our kittens come from a Fold/Shorthair mix and were ethically bread.

      • Thanks to the dominance of the “fold” gene, it is possible to maintain this characteristic without inbreeding, however, the ears of every Scottish Fold acquire their appearance from hereditary osteochondrodysplasia. You may recognize this syndrome as one of the causes of dwarfism in humans, as it does affect any specific appendage, rather, it impedes the development of bone and cartilage in every part of the body. Breeding a Scottish Fold with a more genetically robust cat will merely delay and subdue the effects of this deleterious gene.

        I will concede that may other pure-bred cats suffer from one breed-specific genetic disorder or another (much like the canine counterparts of Great Danes or Labradors). I simply felt that traffic generated by WordPress’ “Freshly Pressed” should not feed demand for such a fundamentally unscrupulous breed.

      • Everyone is entitled to their opinion … But then again I did not ask to have my post ‘freshly pressed’ with the intention of promoting the breed … I merely wanted to share the joy and love I have for the newest member of my family …

        Many other pets suffer other debilitating problems and the best we can do as their owners is to look after and love them and provide them with a safe home …

      • I sincerely apologize. I got carried away here, but you must know that I did not visit your page to discuss breeding ethics. I am also sorry for having derailed your comments section, which I ought to have left with well-wishes for Hugo’s brother, and congratulations on making your family a little bigger.

      • I have ALWAYS wanted a Scottish Fold and I am so jealous. Hugo is ADORABLE! Where is the other cat travelling from? Poor guy, travelling for cats can be stressful. Hopefully he recovers soon and can join your family!

      • The two kittens came together … If you look at some of my newer posts you can see him … We have had Hugo and his brother (Derek) home now for a while … Derek came home last week 7 days after we brought Hugo home.

    • i am IN L-O-V-E. I will have to get on the waiting list for one. I now know where my Husband’s cat gets his eyes! His ears are not folded but he has that personality. I wonder if you will be able to teach Hugo to fetch?. OUr oldest cat (and my husband’s cat) is getting on in years and I have been wondering howto replace him. I think a Scottish Fold is just the ticket! I look forward to following the progress. I so want to get a baby, but we have three and that is enough to care for. Thanks for sharing and have a wonderfui weekend. I hope his brother gets well enough to come home soon. I bet the misses Hugo! Does he have a name yet? Cheers on FP!!!

      • Well you can get scottish folds with straight ears too … so maybe your husband’s cat was a straight eared fold? … Hugo’s brother should be home in a few days once he’s passed his medical on Tuesday … so will have an update on him soon too!

  2. So cute!!! When we lived in Abu Dhabi, my husband and I flew our two cats over, as well. Our vets at the American Veterinary Clinic always oohed and aahed over our two American shorthairs — to them, they were exotic! πŸ™‚

  3. Your cat is so adorable. I recently lost my cat, and so this brought back some great memories. Thank you for sharing the gorgeous photos of your cute little Hugo! I love the name as well πŸ™‚

  4. He is absolutely adorable! That’s the thing about pets, they have a mind of their own. I got a new puppy over the weekend and went out and bought him a spiffy new bed. The thing is, he wants to sleep under my bed. I’m told that’s common for his breed. Oh well, I wonder if the bed will fit under there…

  5. I love Scottish Folds! Congrats on your new addition(s). The picture of Hugo on the keyboard is adorable. My cat does the same thing when I try to work from home. She’s now figured out that she can lay across my wrists – that way I can still type and she can be in my lap. Maybe Hugo and his brother will serve as individual wrist warmers for you.

    I enjoyed your photos and your writing. Nice work on being Freshly Pressed!

  6. What a lovely little ‘scrap’. He has an incredible mask, the markings are very distinct. Don’t know that I’d argue with him tho, from the look of his facial expression whilst ‘killing’ the mouse. V scary. He’s adorable and I hope his brother is well enough to come home soon πŸ˜‰

  7. I wuuuuv him!!!! I want to kiss his wittle face between his cute foldy ears. Look at those paws. Ahhhh…I miss my cat when she was a kitty. Of course she will still “help” me when I’m on my laptop:)

  8. Your cat is really beautiful!! I do love cats and I have a Siamese which I adopted three months ago. I am still single and I live on my own and believe me, since the first time “Leon” (that’s the name of my cat) came into my life, everything changed (a change for the better)!!!

    I also have a blog, but, unfortunately,I write mostly in spanish. I will try to write more often in English.


  9. Hugo is gorgeous! ❀ Note to self I must stop coming across blogs about kittens and looking at all the adorable photos of them. If I didn't already have five cats, which at times feels like a zoo, I most certainly would have some more! I find it's always better to have two of the same litter as they are so much fun to watch and they look after each other and don't get bored. πŸ˜€

  10. What an adorable kitten! I would love to have a little furry being accompanying me and wanting my attention for most part of the day too πŸ™‚

  11. some of the photos remind me of ‘simon’s cat’ from the youtube videos.i particularly love the photo of Hugo standing on the laptop touch pad; almost as if he is saying “i’m more interesting than facebook! look at me instead!”-which is of course why cats are so great πŸ™‚

  12. He’s gorgeous. The pictures of him are fantastic. Great that he’s going to such a loving home. When you mentioned him crying and your reaction, it remined me of the first days after we brought the kids home from the hospital.

  13. Congrats on making the front page! While I’ve been to Abu Dhabi a few times, I never did make it over to Dubai.
    OMG, Hugo (great name btw) is possibly the cutest thing ever. I was having a cuteness attack looking at the pics. I’m glad you two are such responsible cat owners, too.

  14. Probably the most adorable series of pictures I have ever seen. Great photography by the way. He’s a little ham! I have two furry hams at home that I can’t ever take enough pictures of. Great post, I really enjoyed it.

  15. He’s such a cute kitty! I quite enjoyed reading your blog on your new Scottish Fold. The photographs really show how much of a sweet personality that he has. I have heard that they are lovely companions. Why did you name him Hugo?

  16. I’m in love – completely a dog person, but that is just the sweetest little face I’ve ever seen! What I don’t like about cats is that they often aren’t very affectionate – but maybe the breed has more to do with it than I thought!

    • it is deffinetly a breed thing … I mean we have only had Hugo 4 days and he already follows me around from room to room … well when hes not asleep! … but he is super affectionate and climbs onto my lap or cuddles close during his naps …

  17. Great to see that your desire was fulfilled when the timing and circumstances were right for you and the kittens. I believe that because you truly desired the best for the kittens you were blessed with two of them especially the one that is not well yet. He will be in great health in no time. They both could not be in better hands. Hugo is truly adorable, like a baby!

  18. DAMN I’d just logged in to WordPress to check my own blog when the first thing I saw was Hugo’s picture staring out at me under Freshly Pressed…and I couldn’t resist immediately clicking on it! He is ADORABLE. I’m currently experiencing the joys (and headaches!) of my own (7-month-old) kitten Jet, and he doesn’t even have his own friend to play with, so your post really really made my heart melt!! Congrats πŸ™‚

  19. What a beautiful little cat!!!
    and Oh my goodness you’re in Dubai!!! Ahhhhhh. I scream because I grew up there. Well, spent the majority of my growing up there, from 1984 – 1995 – I miss it terribly so. I am so definitely going to be stalking your blog now so I can live vicariously through your adventures in my past home. Cheers!

    ps. i meant that in the most non stalker/lurker way possible. πŸ˜€

  20. Hi Hugo you have a bright career ahead of you in Hollywood. Is it true that cats feels more important than dogs? I read somewhere. That cat thinks we need them more than they need us. I have 3 little dogs but absolutely no experience with cats. good post Nonoy Manga

  21. What a lovebug! And lots of energy too it seems. Blue our cat used to wake us up to play, earlier and earlier until we had to tire her out during the day just to get some shuteye. Hopefully his brother will be provide plenty more playtime!

  22. Nice cat and nice name. Really cats are adorable animals in every single detail about them. And what make them more special is that they always need company, attention, and love !

    So take care of Hugo and his brother.

    • we will do … we have so much love to give them its incredible … and we’ve been wanting to get kittens for over two years now … so there is two years worth of pent up love right there for them already!

  23. That was such a great read. Your Hugo is absolutely adorable and some of the traits and things Hugo has done that you have mentioned reminded me of my boyfriend’s two cats (who are sisters). I hope his brother gets better soon to join him and his playful antics ^_^

  24. Do you mind if I quote a couple of your articles as long as I provide credit and sources back to your blog? My blog is in the exact same area of interest as yours and my visitors would certainly benefit from a lot of the information you present here. Please let me know if this alright with you. Cheers!

    • yes that is fine … sorry for not getting back to you sooner for some reason this comment ended up in the spam and i only just saw it … feel free to quote any of my posts as long as you dont mind linking back to them … thank you for asking.

  25. Is it okay that I only looked at the pictures? It always seems like you can see a cat’s personality by only seeing a couple of pictures. Of course, it seems cats only have three traits: adorableness, curiosity, and adventurousness (which is a word).

  26. Thank you for Hugo images that brought a smile to my face and warm memories of my beloved Miss Kitty who left this life in May of last year, following eleven years as my muse. Hugo truly has wonderful guardians and indeed is a lucky feline. Enjoy every precious moment of your time together and thank you for sharing.

  27. That is one cute cat. By your photos I can see you have already in counted one of their traits. I really don’t know what it is about computers/laptops with cats. Every cat I have had has to sit on my lap or play with the mouse on the screen when I’m trying to do something. I think nearly all of my friends have had the same thing happen to them as well.
    Can’t wait to see photo’s of Hugo and his brother growing up πŸ™‚

  28. Hugo’s clearly melted hundreds of hearts here…including mine. My own cat died a couple of years ago and I’m still heartbroken…but your wonderful pictures make me want to get a new cat again. Can’t wait to see Hugo’s little brother soon.

    • Sorry to hear about your loss … but thankyou for your kind words … we should be bringing HUgo’s brother home on Tuesday as long as he passes his health check … which he should do … we went to see him yesterday and he is doing so much better now πŸ™‚

  29. aw hugo has to be the most adorable little kitten I have ever seen! I was watching tv yesterday and it showed a kitten just like him tapping his owner so that she could pet him lol. I just love hiis cute little ears!

    • yeah Hugo does that too … he wakes up early in the morning either licking my nose or patting my face with his paws … its so cute I cant be mad at him … even if it is 5am!

  30. I’m not usually a cat person, but he is too precious! This reminds me a bit of my friend who recently got a kitten, too. They can be demanding little things, but then again, my Boston Terrier is the master of manipulating us, too.

    Thanks for sharing the adorable pictures of Hugo (I love his name, too).

  31. Hi- I’m a former VP of the International Scottish Fold Assocation, a CFA (Cat Fancier’s of America) club. We bought our first SF and showed it in the Madison Square Garden TICA Cat show in 1991- yes, a million years ago. She won best of breed in that show, btw. We were thrilled. And yes, People in Japan and other non-European countries really value folds, whereas Americans seem clueless as to the breed, even now (They were introduced in the 1960’s in the UK). We took our Scottie to a local Scottish Country Fair, and NO ONE – not even the dog fanciers (oh, well, that would explain it, now wouldn’t it?) knew what the SF was….

    Since then, we decided to have some ‘kittens’ of our own (our two kids, now nascent teenagers). And yes, SF’s are unique in that they tend to ‘chirrup’ rather than meow, and our cats have always done the ‘head bump’ (It is so weird that they do it, so when you said that, I started laughing, remembering). And they are very laid back- once they are no more kittens, but they can be (or used to be, we’ve been out of the fancy for twenty years) almost like dogs, in that they trail you around, and don’t have that ‘I’m a cat, watch me be aloof’ mentality.

    BTW, I would class your cat’s color as a Blue Tabby smoke. All cats are either red or black (except for the Siamese, which are a different genetic for color) and orange and blue- or gray, are merely dilutes of the ‘red/black’ scheme. Tabby is marking pattern, and can also vary.
    The ears are not ‘tight’ on your fold, and (as he is a male) probably won’t ‘clamp down’ as he gets older… but that is good. He will not be as prone to the cartilage/bone issues that can (but don’t always) plague our breed.

    Congrats. and spread the word about these wonderful animals.

  32. Oh my gosh he is so adorable. My cat also tries to eat / sit on / ruin any paperwork i’m doing. Even if she’s asleep, somehow she knows i’m trying to work and just doesn’t like it.

    I’ve never seen this folded ear breed before, but what a lovely little thing.

  33. How absolutely adorable! We are owned by 3 cats and one large dog. We provide hours of entertainment for one another. Thanks for sharing your story and the great photos. I love Scottish Folds!

  34. He is so adorable and cute and one of my favorite pictures is of him on the lap top staring at you expectantly like he’s saying, “Why are you paying attention to this electronic thing when you have ME?” He is just so cute and I’ve never seen his breed before but he looks like a little ball of love.

  35. Oh he’s adorable! And how much fun he’ll have when his brother arrives. I haven’t had a kitten for a long time (my latest cat was a rescue so I missed that phase); you ALMOST make me wish for the adventure of a little one again. On the other hand, it’s nice that I never have to leap to grab a lamp on its way to the floor with a kitten attached to the lampshade…

  36. Hello. As I certainly appreciate your time and willingness to include all of us in your amazing journey with Hugo, I was initially alarmed by his eyes and overall appearance. But after reading your lovely post, and viewing your photos of this strangely intriguing kitten, I can no longer find the desire to actively argue with you over genetic engineering ethics. The one thing I have a HUGE problem forgiving is that in buying your Hugo, you caused him to suffer a very long and most terrifying flying experience for such a tiny chap. And his mate. I forgive you, kind lady, in your choice, for once you’ve laid eyes on Sir Hugo, he’s simply impossible to resist. πŸ™‚ Great photography. Good job!

    • First of all I wanted to clarify that if these cats are bread properly they do not have any more a risk of genetic issues as any other pure breed cat … and secondly I would like to add that as this breed is not bread in the UAE these cats are always imported here … Hugo and his brother were being brought over to Dubai regardless of whether or not we were going to purchase them … as such we feel that the best thing we can do for them is to provide them a loving caring home environment … and literally within 30mins of having gotten Hugo home he was perfectly happy playing around and hasnt had any problems settling in … I appreciate your concern and I agree that they are quite small to go through the process of relocating but unfortunately it is what happens out here … and the best I can do for them is to look after him and his brother.

  37. Hello Hugo! What a precious kitten! My father had a Scottish Fold for many years, and I recall that he went to great lengths to find just the right one. Your Hugo has a lot of the same coloring and markings as my beloved Manhattan. She, however, was a Maine Coon. Unfortunately, due to kitten leukemia, she is no longer with me, but will always remain in my heart and my thoughts. You have taken some amazing photos of Hugo that brought back fond memories of my lovely Manhattan! Thank you!


  38. Are they from a rescue? I hope so! Be careful with cats from breeders as the chances are they are bred from a kitten mill (google ‘puppy mill’ but imagine cats instead of dogs). It sounds like it as Hugo’s brother is already ill 😦

    Please get them both spayed! There are enough stray cats in the world already!

    • We were planning on getting them spayed so no worries there … But as they are only 12 weeks old it’s abit early … Also we live on the 20th floor so these guys are gonna be house cats for the time being … So no risk of pregnancy here!

  39. You are in for a real ride. Add a third and see what develops. My wife had three cats when I met her. We eventually married and bought a home. Since my grandkids are all allergic, the cats were not allowed to move in with us. Peggy, however, could not part with the creatures. She keeps her old house just for the cats. I lovingly refer to it as “the cat house.” She convinced her granddaughter to move in and care for them. They are now the granddaughter’s cats because she has become so attached to the “beasts” as she refers to them.
    Mr. Beefy, Caley, and Blondie are nocturnal. They stalk, fight, and play after lights out. When the sun rises they go to sleep. In order to keep peace they must be locked out of the bedroom.
    By the way, Hugo has very large paws for such a young kitten.

  40. Hugo is so cute! Congrats on finding him. I’m a cat lover myself and I just love how cats are always so interested in what you’re doing like sitting on your laptop or paperwork. Too adorable!

  41. Wow! What a cutie pie! Almost makes me want a cat… Well no… Besides my daughter is incredibly allergic! Besides I think I sort of inherited one! It happens all the time out here on the ranch. I don’t know why people think it is perfectly ok to just drop off cats along the highway? The good thing is this guy is a ratter. I was having trouble with rats under my house and in my house. Then he showed up one day, and the rats have all gone away. I think he goes over to my neighbors and eats cat food from time to time. I only get glimpses of him. I originally thought he was scruffy I think is the cats name, but he doesn’t answer to the name, so we think he is another drop off. It really has always irked me that people would do that. The cats all do okay out here, but it is so inhumane to just drop off a cat.

    Your cat is adorable! A cat that follows its owners around, what a novel idea! That is the exact reason I love dogs is because they are so loving and loyal to me. It sounds like Hugo has found a wonderful forever home with a family that will never just drop him off on the highway next to a ranch. I sometimes wonder how many of those kitties get eaten that we never see because the coyotes get to them first. Well heck the possums, and raccoon and so many other critters out here that will raise havoc with pets. Take real good care of the little guys and enjoy them to the hilt. Oh and sorry about my rant about people dropping off cats, dogs and any other animal they decide they no longer want. I just realized a couple of days ago that we had a new stray dumped on us, so this is a little fresh on my mind.

    By the way I totally believe in having two and not just one dog or cat. Then they always have a play mate and your toilet paper and other things in your house will be safer.

    Peace and Harmony,

    • Im sorry to hear that … its incredibly mean for someone to just dump their unwanted pets like rubbish on the side of the road … its totally uncalled for and reprehensible …

      But on the other hand atleast you seem to have a cat who controls your rat problem now so atleast there are some positives to be had in all situations … silver linings and all that jazz …

      Now were just looking forward to getting his brother home too … should be tomorrow hopefully so I’ll try to have an update on him by the weekend posted.

  42. I adore Scottish Folds! I think they are my favorite breed of cat. I hear they have great personalities. I’ve never had one, tho, as I can’t seem to get past the fact that there are so many homeless kittens here waiting to be adopted that I haven’t justified the expense yet. Maybe one day tho!

    • they are very adorable and have very sweet personalities … they also become quite attached to their humans … we have had Hugo coming up to a week now and he already follows me around whereever I go … and he is so affectionate its unbelieveable!

  43. What a sweet kitten! Scottish Folds are a wonderful breed. My cat Luna has never liked her cat bed and has always slept right next to me, but I love it. I’m sure you will love Hugo sleeping next to you too. Congratulations on the new addition to your family!

    • we do love it … i do especially … he has now migrated from the gap between our pillows to my actual pillow … which means ive been relegated to the tiniest corner of it to sleep on … lol … but its nice to know that he is right there next to me.

  44. Hugo is absolutely stunning. He obviously has settled in perfectly well and is going to rule the household. Well let’s wait and see how the dynamics may change when his brother arrive. Looking forward to your next post πŸ™‚

  45. Hugo looks really cute.
    You know in Isreal there are cats all over the place and the story goes that they built a city withou them and the city had a real problem with rats so they had to “import” the cats!

  46. Oh heck, there should be a ‘love’ button on this post rather than a ‘like’ one! πŸ˜€ Your kitten is gorgeous! (I just had to look at more pics of the breed and found a Scottish Fold kitten on Youtube… eek! Adorable! πŸ™‚

  47. DOGHENFK;DSFUGHERJNGO[ERFUGHELRKGFBEDUIFYGER;IYGFSIERTWPEUGRF!!!!!!!! SO CUUUUUUTE!!!! You honestly have the most adorable kitten. The fact that he’s playful and loves attention is fantastic. Looks like you have a great kitten there.

  48. wow ! how amazingly cute ! Love the one of him sitting on the laptop, when I was living with my friend her cats used to love doing that (always at the most inconvenient times)

    • yeah, my cat used to do that, too – in fact, the very moment I sat down at my desk, she’d hop up on my lap to do her very best in applying devastating “attention seeking tactics”. From sitting on my keyboard, my notes, my documents to pounding my legs with her paws and clawing her way through my cardigan, anything to get me away from work and back to playing with her.

  49. cheers for the brilliant content on your website, I am very interested in this story and you have really helped me. I have just told a few of my friends about this on FaceBook and they love your content just as much as I do.

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