Brunch at the Habtoor Grand

Hey so our friends Tom and Claire got to Dubai on Thursday evening and after going to pick them up at the airport we came back to the flat and got them settled into their room and showed them around the building abit … we then headed down to the Walk along JBR on the beach front for a spot of dinner … followed by a stroll along the beach … it was a good first night with alot of catching up … we hadnt seen these guys since September last year!

Friday morning we got up and after getting ready we wandered on down to the Habtoor Grand in the Marina for Brunch … it turned out to be a rather warm yet windy day … there was a bit of a sandstorm brewing but even so we still sat outside in a relatively sheltered part of the terrace for lunch … having said that there was still alot of sand accumulated in my handbag by the end of the 4hr eating marathon!

Brunch generally was good … the deal on the drinks was better than the previous brunch we had been too and the spirit measures were certainly generous … I ended up drinking a G&T made up of 2/3 Gin and 1/3 Tonic … which turned out to be quite potent!

Perry even had a ‘Lolrus’ moment with his bucket of beers!

Overall the atmosphere on the terrace was very lively and with the DJ there it wasnt long before the other guests were getting up to have a dance … there were also a couple of other large parties there celebrating birthdays which just added to the sense of occasion.

The food while not as varied as the other brunch we had been to was well cooked and the steak and ribs were certainly yummy … we were most certainly stuffed by the time we had finished up there … and once we had gotten home everyone slipped off to bed and into a rather deep food coma! … I on the other hand seemed to have had too much rich food and my stomach was not agreeing with it … which meant while the others slept I got to curl up on the sofa and suffer through a rather painful stomach ache …

After about 3hrs with the time being past 8.30pm I figured I should probably wake the others up otherwise they’d wake up in the middle of the night and it would completely destroy their sleeping pattern … especially Perry who is a rather sensitive sleeper … Anyway so after everyone finally woke up … we spent the evening rather lethargically lounging round the flat planning the remainder of the week and what we would do … booked tickets for a few things and tried out the shisha on the balcony … all while nibbling on some chocolates for dinner!

All in all a good Friday as far as I was concerned … even with the slightly uncomfortable stomach upset …

More updates to come …

Till next time …

Mina X


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