Empty Flat and Upcoming Events

Hey everyone,

So my brother finally got on a plane back to London on Saturday afternoon … it was great to have him and his friends stay with us (ended up with all 4 of them staying with us at one point or another) … and it feels rather empty now they arent around … which is funny cause even when they were here they didnt spend too much time in the flat … mostly just to sleep or shower!

Nonetheless it feels alot quieter without them around … they had a good holiday and I got to spend some quality time with my brother … particularly over the last weekend … where I actually got to spend some proper time with him …

Anyways earlier in the week I took some photos of my brother and his friends in our flat … I have loads of photos to edit from this session but as he has left now I thought I would upload a couple to show everyone …

Also it looks like my brother has gotten back to London just in time as it started snowing almost as soon as he landed back in the UK … although now I’m slightly jealous I’m going to be missing out on the snow … I may have to make a trip to Ski Dubai to get a snow fix!

In other news we have a couple of our friends, Tom and Claire coming out to see us in a couple weeks which I am really looking forward too … we even have tickets for the Cricket (England V Pakistan) booked as well … I have no clue about Cricket … as far as I am aware its just a glorified version of Rounders … but Tom and Claire are avid supporters of the game so I’m sure someone will be able to fill me in on the day!

Other than that we have a couple other friends coming out over the next few weeks each staying for a few days … so we should have our hands full for most of February …

In March we have a few things lined up so far … Tickets to Sandance on the 9th March at the Atlantis … with a line up including Snow Patrol and Calvin Harris it should be a good night!

Then we’re off to Thailand for a week middle of the month for a break! … Looking forward to planning our trip … and all the photo opportunities πŸ˜€

Any ways thats it from me for now … will keep you posted with any new developments …

Till next time …

Mina X


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