Brunch … The Burj … & The 360 Bar

Hey so since our last update quite alot has been happening … My brother arrived from London and has wasted no time going out and taking every opportunity to party!

But when he decided to spend abit of time with us over the weekend we made it to Brunch on the Friday. We ended up going to Beachcombers at the Jumeirah Beach Hotel, and with our table outside on the terrace we had lovely views out over the Burj al Arab and beach while we stuffed our faces with yummy Thai inspired food for 4hrs!

It was great and the Desert portion of the buffet was yummy … if not abit sickly after abit.

After having eaten about as much food as we could stomach we wandered on over to the 360 bar which is part of the hotel but sits out at the end of a curved pier …

It had some lovely views over the sea, the Burj, the hotel and the coastline of Dubai … as the name suggests it has a 360 degree view from its terrace … and we got there just as the sun was setting …

We stayed long enough to enjoy what was left of the sunshine for the day and to enjoy a shisha and a mojito!

Headed back home to rest for a couple hours before we went out to Mahiki a newly opened club in Dubai … it was a good day overall and we all had a good time of it … we didnt really do much but felt really tired by the end of it …

Spent Saturday recovering from Friday’s antics and then I got my studio set up and took some photos of my brother (checkout my facebook page for a sneaky peek at one of the pictures) which will be the subject of a separate post!

Other than that so far my brother has been doing pretty well keeping himself entertained while he’s here … he seems to know enough people who are out here at the same time as him so gives him something to do during the day!

Not sure what our plans are for the rest of the week … this week at work is starting to feel like one of the longest weeks ever and I am already looking forward to the weekend … got a trip planned to go to Hatta rock pools which should be fun … providing the weather improves … Its been quite cold and really windy recently and it even rained the other day … according to the local news its currently the coldest its ever been in the UAE for the past 3years … so hopefully the weather will improve soon!

Anyways thats if for now …

Till next time …

Mina X

8 thoughts on “Brunch … The Burj … & The 360 Bar

  1. Hello!!!
    I saw this and read it yesterday on my phone, but I can’t reply or leave any comments from my phone!!
    Anyways, I really liked it and the Pics. are amazing. Well done. Even though I didn’t like some of Barbak’s pics. 😦
    All of you look happy and relaxed. :)))
    Love you,

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