The Past … The Weekend … And The Future!

Ok so I know my last post was probably quite depressing but I’m trying to put all that has happened in the last couple weeks behind me and focus on looking forward for now … its not easy to ignore when you feel you have been wronged … especially by people you trust … nonetheless we are working on some BIG plans … and hopefully we shall be in a position to share them with the wider world in the not so distant future …

In the meantime … Perry and I are looking forward to the weekend and finally to getting round to visiting Madinat Jumeirah … its billed as being the largest 5* resort in the Dubai with two hotels, over 40 restuarants and an aray of stores to suit everyone. The resort has been styled to look like a traditional Arabic town and even has the traditional Abra (little taxi boats) running up and down the 5km of man made canals intersecting the resort.

There are some great views to be had there as well as lots of places to go explore so I’m looking forward to going there and checking it out this weekend with Perry … so stay tuned for some (hopefully good) photos!

Other than that I am also meeting up with a friend this weekend who I have come to know through the Emirates Photography Club (EPyC) … were just going to play around with my new lights so it’ll be a good chance to practice with them … maybe I can even convince Perry to model for us … I may have to resort to bribery though … we will have to wait and see!

If all that wasnt enough I am currently working on revamping my photography website and that will hopefully be finished in the next couple weeks …

I’m really looking forward to having my brother come over next week … I’ve drawn up a list of ‘Things To Do’ whilst he is here and I get the feeling that we are not going to have enough days to cover everything … but first thing on the list is a proper Dubai Brunch!

For those who dont know Brunch in Dubai is abit of an institution … basically you pay to go to a restuarant (sometimes several restaurants in a hotel) and you get an all you can eat pass to the buffet food on offer for about 3-4hrs on a friday afternoon with drinks usually included … so what appears to be tradition amongst the expat community here is to head to Brunch on friday around midday … stay till about 3-4 … and then head on down to Barasti or one of the other Beach Bars for Sundowners (drinks on the beach to watch the sunset) …

Anyway whilst we have done the Sundowners at the beach bar a couple times now we have never quite gotten round to the Brunch part of it … mostly because of lack of time (poor excuse I know) and because Perry and I have been attempting to eat healthier since moving out here … (believe me its not easy with all the temptation on your doorstep!) … but we figured since my brother is coming out we would make an exception … and doing a Dubai Brunch is something we’d like to do so may as well get on with it!

I’m currently researching a couple places that have been recommended to us by friends … but if anyone else has any suggestions I’d be happy to hear them! … Thats currently where the plans for my brother’s visit have gotten too … going to wait till he actually gets out here before we start planning the rest of his time here!

Other than all of the above … in whatever spare time that we have remaining … Perry and I have been working on our wedding plans! The Dress and Location were sorted before we moved out to Dubai (the key things if you ask me) … and now were just working our way through a list a mile long, of things that need to be organised …

I am trying to delegate as much of it as possible … but its quite hard when I like to have control over everything … I wouldn’t quite call myself a control freak (although Perry would) … but I like to be a part of making the decisions … which makes it quite hard for me to ask someone to do something and then just step back and let them get on with it …

Anyway … I’m currently in the midst of trying to find a good Wedding Photographer who doesnt charge the earth! … and trying to research flowers and flower arrangements to see what I want to do with those … We havent settled on a final look yet but I’m hoping to atleast have these two key elements sorted in the next couple months! … If anyone has any ideas or suggestions just post a comment below 🙂

Its been a rough couple weeks since we got back (see previous post for details) but we have some busy (and hopefully positive) weeks coming up … and all I can really do now is to try and put whats happened in the past behind me and just move on from it … At the moment its still quite hard … but hopefully in a couple weeks things will start to change

Anyways hope everyone is keeping well …

Till next time …

Mina X


2 thoughts on “The Past … The Weekend … And The Future!

  1. Madinat is a very nice place to visit. Actually I been there twice.
    And i understand why some people refer to it as “small venice”.

    Hope to see your pictures from when you go there.

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