Rough Week, Studio Set Up and Other Happenings

Well since we’ve been back in Dubai things have been a little rough for me at work, I dont want to go into much detail about it here … but basically just been feeling rather mistreated and lied too by the people I work for and who are supposed to be on my side …

Anyway it does not appear that this situation is going to be resolved quite so easily … and having the person who is supposed to stand up for you in these situations turn back and say ‘Well thats just how things are done out here’ just isnt good enough … just because thats how its always been done … doesn’t mean thats how it should be … or that I should have to put up with it … being penalised and made to feel like crap at work … I refuse to be treated like that and made my point very clear!

Now for having spoken my mind and for standing up in what I believe in, I have been made to feel like I have done something to be ashamed of … that I need to apologise for something … when I know I havent done anything wrong …

I have spoken to Perry and a few other people about this issue (having a moment of doubt and thinking maybe I’m just making a big deal of nothing) and after explaining the situation everyone has agreed that the way I was treated was totally unfair and wrong … even by UAE standards … except legally I have no leg to stand on … which means my hands are tied and I have no option but to just swallow my pride, apologise and move on … but how am I supposed to do that when fundamentally I dont believe I am in the wrong?

Ok … rant over now … this whole situation has sort of been this huge black cloud hanging over me since we got back from London last week and its really taken it out of me emotionally … and I’ve been on the verge of tears all week as a result … its not been fun!

Moving on though … the weekend brought a much needed break away from all the drama going on in the office, and was just what I needed to get my head in order … I had a chance to finally set up and play with my new Studio Lighting kit that I had brought back from the UK with me at Christmas … thankfully all the bulbs survived the journey!

I dont yet have a tripod so I dragged Perry away from his Xbox for 5mins to try out a couple different lighting setups … he was not impressed by this arrangement …

You see … this is what I have to put up with at home … an unwilling model! … ah well … my brother is coming over to visit us next wednesday and will be staying for a couple weeks … I have already gotten him to agree to model for me so I should be able to get plenty of practice with the new lights!

I am also planning many fun things to do with him when he gets out here … so stay tuned for updates of what we get up to!

We spent the rest of the weekend catching up with friends at a Cricket game (which I still cant follow even after watching it for 4hrs), going to the cinema to see Mission Impossible 4 (a totally unrealistic representation of Dubai – not impressed) and to check out the infamous Dubai Shopping Festival sales … although I must say the sales did leave much to be desired, especially with all the hype surrounding them … maybe it gets better as the month goes on … I guess we will see over the next few weeks!

I have a few other exciting things in the pipeline that I am working on … so hopefully I will be able to share these with you all soon.

In the mean time … take care

Till next time …

Mina X


2 thoughts on “Rough Week, Studio Set Up and Other Happenings

  1. I hope next time you be much happier person updating us with your news. Love you very much. Hope all works out the best way possible for you. XOXOXO

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