We’re Coming Home For Christmas …

Ok so this just a quick one to say we’re finally at that point now where we are getting ready to come home for the Christmas Holidays … Can’t wait to get back and see my family and friends again … It’s only been 3 months but with everything thats happened in that time I feel like we’ve already been away a year!

Suitcases are packed … snacks prepared … hand luggage is getting sorted … takeaway ordered! … and were tidying up the flat so we dont have a big mess of an apartment to come back too! I’m working on editing some more photos and am planning a big revamp of my website once were back in the New Year!

In the mean time if your a fan of my Photos please go to my Facebook Page and click the Like button to keep up to date with what I’m getting up to over the holidays 😀

So in the mean time I’ve uploaded a few photos that I’ve finally had time to edit in the last couple days to keep you entertained until the next blog update!

So wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year … 😀


2 thoughts on “We’re Coming Home For Christmas …

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