Dubai Driving, Cars & 40th National Day

Hi all,

It’s been a while since the last blog post, so I thought I should update it with what’s been happening these last few weeks.

Mina and I have been working, so that’s taken up most of our time, thankfully today we got Mina’s passport back with the residency visa in it so that’s a relief and means that we can get all the other documentation arranged now, such as her driving licence. A funny thing is that whilst you’re a tourist over here you can drive on your UK driving licence, but the moment they start processing your residency and you have temporary residency you can not use your UK driving licence any more. But whilst on your temporary residency you can not get a UAE driving licence.

This Driving licence “Purgatory” has lead to me being the main driver for a while, which to be honest hasn’t been an issue. Other than the fact that Mina has now had more than enough time to analyse my driving habits and comment upon them… Her word was “petrifying”. Now it is at this point I should make clear I have raised all my defences to these libellous comments posted all over Facebook, the sorts of responses include “my foot was already on the brake” and “it’s ok I saw them coming dont worry”, needless to say this does nothing to elevate Mina’s concerns (or raised voice) … or for that matter prise her hands from the surfaces that she’s trying to crush with fear. I need to state at this point, that driving over here is terrible by my western standards, having said this, unfortunately in order to get places and not be stuck behind someone travelling at half the speed limit, you do have to do a few lane changing manoeuvres, this is usually the time that Mina gets… Shall we say, Tense?

Over the last weekend there has been a lot of things going on in the UAE, firstly it was the 40th anniversary of the formation of the UAE, so this national day invokes a lot of celebrations, including people taking their very expensive super cars and decorating them in a way that looks like a small child ate a bunch of glitter and colourful paper then proceeded to chunder it all over these cars…. They’re horrendous, but hey-ho they’ve got the money and dont care. Along side all the celebrations the head Sheikh has also announced a 45% pay increase for the local public sector works, which I’d imagine would go down really well with all those public sector workers back in the UK.

On another good note, whilst I was driving, Mina was able to pry herself from the standard panic formation to get photos of a bunch of hot air balloons that were released across the desert.

Another plus this weekend was that there was also a classic car show, so Mina and I got to go check out a bunch of cars I only wish I could own. Including my absolute favourite classic car the Mercedes-Benz 300SL gullwing.

In other pressing news, it is now under 3 weeks until we venture back to the sunny UK for xmas with our families, I think we’re both looking forward to coming home, and seeing clouds in the sky again 🙂 Mina already has phoned in an aid package of jumpers, scarves & gloves etc for her at the airport so she doesn’t get hyperthermia.

Just before I sign off, stay tuned for car buying news in the near future, I’ve found something and we should know at the end of the week whether we’ve got it, and probably have it sometime the week after. As I say stay tuned!

Ta ta.


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