Final Dental Trip and Go-Pro Experiments!

Ok so this morning was my final Dentist appointment to fix the tooth that decided to partially fall apart while I was eating ice cream (for the full story see here) …

I headed off this morning on my own cause Perry was still feeling rather poorly … he had an incredibly bad headache and could barely get out of bed … so got him some pain killers and called and made him an appointment to go see a Dr about it in the early afternoon … so with Perry back in bed sleeping I hijacked the Go-Pro and decided to do a little time lapse of my trip to the Dentist this morning … It was a bright sunny day (as usual) and I thought it would be fun to document this trip as it will be my last to the dentist for a while (or so I hope) …

I’ve always dreaded going to the dentist … I have found that no matter how well I look after my teeth I end up having trouble with them … and we’ve now been in Dubai 6 weeks and I’ve been to see him on average once a week since we got here … which is just insane! … but he has made me feel at ease which is something I am incredibly grateful for and for the first time ever I wasn’t feeling complete fear on my drive there …

Anyways so the video I managed to film is below …

Drive to the Dentist … from Mina Yamini on Vimeo.

Anyways it all went swimmingly … and after an hour and half of poking, prodding and drilling around my mouth it was finally over … and thankfully he managed to do it all without any anaesthetic … which was great … cause I didn’t fancy having to go through all that nausea again … it wasn’t pleasant the last 3 times!

Got home and by this time the painkillers had kicked in for Perry and he was much more awake and happy … so we had some lunch and then headed out again to get to Perry’s Dr appointment … and as it turns out he had Sinusitis, so an hour later … and armed with a bag full of an assortment of pills … we left and headed back to the Marina where we were going to meet up with some friends at Barasti Beach Bar to watch the Sunset on the Beach … It was a good night and we both had a good time … it was great to meet some new people and just to hang out on the bean bags and beach beds lying around the sand …

So after a few hours on the beach we headed home where I started cooking up a storm in the Kitchen making cookies, meringues, other snacks and Lunch for tomorrow … I was on a role … while Perry was sorting out his laptop and generally milling around … helping me whenever I was short of a spare pair of hands …

Oh and the time lapse session yesterday went really well … I ended up drinking about 3 litres of water while sat outside on the balcony taking photos … I had completely forgotten how hot it got during the day on that balcony … but it gave me a chance to work on my tan … 🙂

And this was how I had my camera set up for the photos … I left my tripod back in London … so my Gorillapod was entrusted with the safety of my camera on the balcony edge!

Sorry for the poor quality of the photos in this post … they come curtesy of my Blackberry so not the best quality!

I will keep you updated as to what is happening with the 1DAY6CITIES project when I find out more about the exhibitions and when they are happening … they plan to exhibit in every city where the photos were taken … but exact locations and timings haven’t been announced yet so will keep you posted!

Anyways we had a great weekend … and I’m looking forward to the week ahead … Perry is on the mend and my teeth are all fixed up … so this week is set to be a good one … 😀

Till next time …

Mina X

P.S. One final note … it is now official … Perry and I will be back in London for Christmas and New Years … so were looking forward to catching up with all our friends and family when we get  back … less excited about the inevitable cold and rain!


6 thoughts on “Final Dental Trip and Go-Pro Experiments!

  1. What an interesting idea with the 24 hour shoot around the world.

    I will be looking forward to see how the pictures turns out.

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