We’re famous! Well not really….

Well then the last two days have been interesting. As most of you will know Mina has really been pioneering the blog mainly due to a variety of factors (She’d say my laziness) mainly the fact that I’ve been working since we got out here, and the fact that I’m notoriously not a wordy writer (something that has annoyed both Mina and my school teachers in the past).

As it happens one of the posts Mina made a couple days ago was put on the front page of Wordpress “Freshly Pressed” section for all to see. This caused a lot of extra traffic to the blog…quite a bit of extra traffic… So what was just a blog for friends and family to keep in touch and make sure we’re ok, has now been opened up to a much wider audience.

We got a real range of comments and followers, the vast majority of the 100+ comments were positive and supportive, but then of course you get the small minority of people who have nothing good to say, and in fact are obviously unhappy people, but oh well.

Our viewings graph on the blog is now quite one sided…. all the tiny blue bars are our friends and family (it really makes us look quite unpopular now) …. Then the big bang happened and the last two days have now changed the view counts forever…. I mean how are we meant to beat 3,392 views on a single day again? Am I meant to start posting videos of us doing death defying stunts, or children biting each other (I assure those of you who have no idea where that came from that this video will explain that comment – over 300 Million views!!!) or something…

Well time will tell whether we can be interesting enough to keep all these new comers actually engaged and interested, we’ll give it a good shot anyway.

So onto what we’re up to this weekend, today I have a bed being delivered for the flat (thankfully a nice bargin off the interweb) by a Mr Ahmed who is currently lost and trying to find our tower. After getting a couple of phone calls by people trying to deliver things I’ve realised that actually our new residence is quite hard to describe in terms of location. It has a tower on either side, there are no big flashing signs to look out for, and to anyone not knowing the area, it would look predominantly like “just another tower” so I’m expecting it to take Mr Ahmed at least another hour of searching to come across us.

Then in another result we were suggested a fitter for the blinds we got from ikea, so Mina gave him a call and he’s coming around in about an hour to fit the blinds in the apartment. As it happens we have a lot of window space within the living rooms, so this means we have a total of 9 blinds. That should keep him busy for the morning anyways. So here are the before shots…

Mina has had a craving for a certain restaurants food for some time now, the cuisine…. Tex-Mex…. the answer was Chili’s on JBR. So yesterday we ventured out of our airconditioned bubble and down to the beach walk for some Tex-Mex at Chili’s… It was noms!

As I type Mina is currently also updating her Photography website, if any of you wish to check it out the link is www.minayamini.com and she’d be very pleased to see the view count go up on that too I think 🙂

Ok well I think that just about sums up the last few days…. since starting this blog post the blinds men have turned up and for some inexplicable reason have started hammering….a lot…. why are they hammering blinds?? I don’t know, so I’m going to have to go investigate…

Also no sign of Mr Ahmed as yet….

Ta Ta


3 thoughts on “We’re famous! Well not really….


    I was one of those people who saw the blog displayed on the Freshly Pressed section and clicked on it.

    Hmm… what’s this? DUBAI !!!!!!!! And from the train, no less!! And some interesting comments and other pictures.

    Well, as you can imagine Perry, I was HOOKED!! It sure didn’t look like THAT the last time I was there!

    I think you two are onto something! Have fun with it!!

    And, by the way, no one at all is jealous that you get to live in Dubai, nooooooooo, not at all!!

    Now, if you will excuse me, I’m off to Mina’s photo website, to see if she sells those pics. Can we send picture requests?

    Hmm… let’s see, what about a picture from the very tip of the shadow of the Burj Khalifa, looking back at the Burj – with the Sun directly behind the building? It might have already been done, but, at least we would all get to say that we know the intrepid reporters and photographic team based there in Dubai!!

    Best Regards,

    • Hi JBS,

      I do sell my photos but at the moment I havent had a chance to set up the process on my Website … if there are any that you are interested in then please email me with the details of which images you would like, what size, etc and I can give you a quote.

      You should be able to find my email address in the contact section of the website …

      Mina 🙂

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