Dubai By Metro …

Took the Metro yesterday to go to the dentist … and as they have driverless trains here … it means you can stand right at the front with a perfect view of where you are going … its quite fun actually …

 Views of the Marina and Downtown
 Marina and views looking back onto the downtown skyline

 Along Sheikh Zayed Road
 The Burj Khalifa
 More along Sheikh Zayed Road
 At one of the Metro stations and views out towards Port Rashid
 Along Sheikh Zayed around Sunset
The Iranian Club in Dubai ... not exactly subtle!
Β Evening rush hour begins ...
The Marina on my walk home from the Metro station ...

After getting home I wasn’t feeling too great … watched some tv and kept drifting in and out of sleep … until Perry got home … we ordered some food and watched some more TV … and I finally crawled into bed around 10pm feeling rather worse for wear …

I woke up in the morning to find that Perry had slept on the sofa last night so as not to disturb me and to let me rest properly … which was sweet of him … but even after a solid nights sleep I still feel quite crap and my mouth is throbbing …

I’m hoping that once I’ve had some proper food today I will feel better …

Till next time …

Mina X


105 thoughts on “Dubai By Metro …

  1. The Pics are beautiful as usual. It reminded me of Vancouver Metro, it’s a little like this in the way that you can see the tracks from very beginning of the carriages. The city is all very new and modern no old parts or bazaar. πŸ™‚

    • Well there are old parts of the city … where the Old Town are … but the Metro doesn’t run through it … and until recently its been too hot to go walking around there during the day … so I’m going to make a trip up there sometime soon with my camera and go for a wander round the old town and the traditional Souk’s!

      • Bstakiya, on the creek, shows you how people lived in houses with wind towers. They also have some arts galleries and cafes that are fun to spend time at.

  2. Thanks for sharing these. I head over to Dubai once or twice a month from Abu Dhabi, but I always just use my car to get around town. After seeing this set of photos, I realize that I need to jump on the Dubai Metro just for the experience of seeing the city from a different perspective. I’m sure it’ll be great to traverse the city without dealing with traffic, construction or terrible signage.

  3. I could not resist the pictures by rail, or the opportunity to see another view point of the world. Thank you for sharing pictures and view I would not see without your unction. Feel better, Peace and Blessings to you and yours and good job.

    • its not too expensive … it ranges from 1.8 dhms – 5.8 dhms per trip … so its basically ranges from 30p – Β£1 per trip … which is much cheaper than underground travel in London … and its the cheapest form of transport in Dubai.

  4. great shots! i’ve heard some amazing things about dubai. it’s so different from anything i’ve ever experienced that i feel the need to visit at some point in my life. thanks for the pics and inspiration!

  5. Your post needed very little words to present such a unique perspective. The pictures that you took capture a point of view that not many of us have the opportunity to experience and to grasp these images as the train is moving with such clarity and vibrancy is quite an accomplishment. Well done!

    If it is okay with you, I would like to mention my own blog that I just started and share the link with your readers. It’s called Logic Meets Reason and it would be great if you and your readers could comment, subscribe, and take a look at the pieces I have posted! Here is the link:

  6. a very beautiful journey in Dubai..the pictures paint thousand words and they’re just amazing. dubai is a great country and i wish i can afford to visit that expensive country..

  7. Here’s a question: the sky in the pictures looked a little hazy. Was that smog, or was the a sand storm nearby? (Dubai is on the edge of a desert, methinks.)

  8. We saw the Metro in Dubai earlier this year, but didn’t ride on it. If I go again, I shall make a definite point of doing so!

    (But, we did cross the creek on an abra, and checked out the spice market and the (old) Gold Souk)

  9. This is great! You’ve taken such amazing photos. Had no idea there were driverless trains in Dubai! That is really interesting and amazing! Hope you have been feeling better Mina

  10. great post! I’ve been to Dubai, unfortunately i was unlucky enough to be there on a day that heavy haze covered the entire city, so I couldn’t see much further than a kilometer or so ahead…

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