All Moved In … Photos of the Flat and other Happenings!

Ok so its been a while since this blog has been updated … mostly due to a lackage of internet since we moved into our flat on Friday last week! … But the internet man came this morning and set it all up … so now we are once again connected with the world! …

View from our Balcony over the Marina

So whats been happening these past few days? … Alot! … We moved in our stuff on friday early afternoon … the previous tenant was still in the process of moving out so we just left our bags in a corner and headed off to Ikea for a bit of a shop … and this turned into a mega mission … we decided to get some food to begin with so we wouldn’t collapse from low blood sugar halfway through the store … it being Friday the place was packed! … Although I was rather disappointed by the meatballs cause they are not the same as the ones you get in the UK … still nice … but not the same!

Our New Kitchen
Master Bedroom (with no furniture), Balcony and Ensuite
Guest Bedroom and Ensuite

Anyways after 4hours in Ikea we left with 3 trolleys worth of stuff … now you do the maths … 3 trolleys and 2 people equals not enough hands to push!!! … getting the stuff back to the car became an interesting challenge … got it there … and then were faced with the next challenge … how to get it all to fit! … but after moving some seats around and rearranging some bits we managed to squeeze it all in … and headed back to the flat …

Views from Balcony, The sliver of blue to the right of the bottom 
photo is the sea & beach ... less than a 5min walk from the flat!

By this point we were running late as Perry was heading out to some Octoberfest Beer Festival thing at one of the local hotels with his work colleagues … I wasnt invited so I walked him down there and picked up some dinner on my way home … Perry got home a few hours later abit worse for wear … and I ended up having to stay up half the night with him while he felt unwell! … I wasnt impressed … and I ended up sleeping on the living room floor cause he was snoring so loudly … and the smell of Beer had become rather over powering in the room! … I was not happy!

A somewhat empty Dinning Room

I ended up having to wake up early the next day and let the cleaners in that the previous tenant had organised to come round and clean the flat after he left … so I kept them busy and while they were working I started assembling our furniture we have bought from Ikea … Perry meanwhile was sleeping … and eventually I had to wake him up … get him dressed and out the bedroom long enough for the cleaners to do a quick sweep through … then he was straight into bed again … this became the pattern for the morning …

Views from Dining room - swimming pool is partly visible on the left

Later in the afternoon we went and picked up our sofa’s and got them arranged in the flat … by this time Perry had perked up abit even though he still felt like crap! … we headed out to the Mall of the Emirates in the evening to do a bit of a shop and pick up a few other things that we needed … like a microwave, router and Oven!

Living room with new sofas, Coffee table, TV Stand & Temp TV!

So Perry went off to work Sunday morning and took the car with him … leaving me on my lonesome in the flat … to be fair though I did sleep till mid morning … Got up and just started tidying up abit … did some laundry and watched a couple movies on the laptop till Perry got back from work … we got ready and then headed out in the evening to go round to a friends flat. This couple are old family friends with my parents and I have known them and grown up with their children since we were babies … So it was nice to go round and see them for dinner and to catch up while they were here for a few days.

The apartment is on the 60th floor of the Torch & has some impressive 
views over the Marina!

Yesterday I spent most of the day at the flat again … and finished unpacking my bags and tidied stuff away … went for a bit of a stroll around midday and generally had a relaxed day … I’d woken up really early in the morning and had managed to get alot of stuff done … but because we have no internet/no TV and no Phone … I’ve just been lounging round the flat … I think I’m starting to get bored of this whole not working thing … Plus Perry took the Car with him today as he had to go to Abu Dhabi for a meeting … but I went along to meet him after work at his office … and we headed to Ikea for a quick trip to change one of the blinds that we bought!

Rounded off the evening with some Pizza’s and a movie …

Finally in some other furniture related news … we appear to have found ourselves a bed for the master bedroom … so hopefully this is going to be delivered at the weekend … 😀

Till next time …

Mina X

13 thoughts on “All Moved In … Photos of the Flat and other Happenings!

  1. this is awesome mina.. i wonder what nationality you have..are you arabic? btw, moving is never simple as we think. there’s a lot of things to do with a new place, and rearranging the furniture is so much tiring yet enjoyable….i hope you have anice time in dubai…
    lots of love,

    • Hi thankyou … I’m British with Iranian background … and your right moving is never simple … full of so many unknown complications … thankfully most things seem to have worked themselves out over time and now we are very much settled.

      Thank you for your kind words.

  2. Hello Mina : ).
    I’d like to Thank you for sharing the life in Dubai with us. I’ve too lived in Dubai for almost a decade and still do have my visits there : ).
    The wonderfully amazing, beautiful & refreshing pictures of Dubai that you present indeed make me Smile :).
    Wishing you all many many beautiful days with Blessings, Love, Happiness & Smiles.
    M. Faizan

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