Weekend Shenanigans and a Quick Trip to Iran …

Hey so I’m off to Iran for a few days … Back in Dubai on Wednesday … I figured while I’m waiting to hear back from the companies I interviewed with (heard back from one but waiting on the other still) … I would make the most of this free time and hop over to Iran for a few days to visit my grandparents in Shiraz. Its only a 40min flight and so I figured since I can I will … So I’m here at Sharjah airport waiting for my flight and thought I’d update the blog with what we got up to this weekend …

We spent our second weekend out and about again in Dubai … On Friday we went to check out the sofas we were looking to get … And after driving round for what felt like forever (bad signage and a crazy road system) … And a number of arguments on map reading along the way … We finally found the guys house and the sofas were great so we should be getting those picked up when we move 🙂

Other than that we went to a comedy show on friday evening with a couple of friends and the spent most of sat morning in bed watching tele through the projector that Perry’s friend has lent us … Its great and actually works really quite well …

Went for a drive around in the afternoon and went down to the beach in time for the sunset (photos to come later) and then went on to the marina for dinner … Ended up at wagamama’s where I made the fatal error of ordering the ramen and a pint of beer … It was just too much liquid for me to handle and combined with the weather outside … I was basically in a food coma for the whole drive back!

Thankfully the nap perked me up enough to get my bags packed before crashing out for the night …

Anyway that’s it from me now … Hope everyone back in London has a good weekend …

Till next time …

Mina X


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