Jumeirah Beach and random drives …

Hey so I’ve been spending the last couple days exploring the city … mostly by car … if only cause it’s still just too hot to be walking around outside in the sun for too long … On Monday I went for a drive around the old parts of town and as hard as I tried I couldnt find anywhere to park the car and go for a wander with my camera so unfortunately I have no photos to share yet … but I’m planning on going back later when the weather is cooler and without the car! … so watch this space …

Yesterday I decided to go for a drive down the Jumeirah Beach Road as a change to the massive 8 lane motorway that seems to be the main route up and down Dubai … it was a nice change and I managed to pull over a few places to go for a bit of stroll along the beach … had some lovely views of the Dubai Skyline

There are even a couple white fluffy clouds in the sky!

I spent even more time driving round after that and getting lost abit … and finding my way again … Perry and I decided to go and have a look at some cars after he finished work so I drove down to his office and picked him up to go check them out and do some test drives … not that were looking to get a car yet … but gave us an idea of what we might want to get …

We had to fill up on petrol … but on the way to the petrol station we got abit lost … and ended up off-roading in our rented Camry … and nearly damaging it (Perry was driving!) … but got there in the end and it cost about £17 to fill up the tank … literally 30p a litre … it was ridiculous!

Anyway thats it for now … Were going back to see the flat this evening and hopefully signing some paperwork to secure it … so heres fingers crossed it all goes well later …

Tills next time …

Mina X


4 thoughts on “Jumeirah Beach and random drives …

  1. It’s so funny reading your blog, with your driving adventures and getting lost all the time. 😀 So you’ll know the city well enough for when we are coming over I hope 😀
    Love you, keep writing.

    • Its ok … I’m never really that lost … the only times when we get really lost is when Perry is driving … I can usually find my way fine with the road signs and general common sense!


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