A random day…

Well today has turned into a bit of a random day. It started as the usual day at work, getting the metro and being in the office for 8am. Then later in the day I was chatting to one of the guys in my team who mentioned that they had seen on Facebook that someone they knew needed to leave their apartment early in the lease, after a little a little chat and some phone calls it turns out there’s 4 months left on the lease and the landlord is happy to transfer that to a new tenant for the remaining 4 months. So we drove down after work to check the place out and it’s ideal for us, it has amazing views of the marina, it’s got a decent balcony, two bedrooms, two en-suites and an extra WC all within our original budget.

We’ve said that we want it, so there’s some paperwork to do before it’s definitely ours, but if it all works out then it’ll do nicely as our temporary accommodation at the very least, and if it suits us then we’re able to sign a one year lease in the new year.

There will be tonnes of photos once we’re in the place, Mina will spend more than a few nights photographing the night scenery around the Marina that’s for sure!

More details to follow, but hopefully this time in 2 weeks we should be residents of the 20th floor of the Dubai Marina Quays development 🙂 Cheerio for now !


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