First day at work…

Well Ladies and Gents, We’ve been in Dubai less than 2 days, and now I’ve finished my first day at work.

A car picked me up from the hotel at 8am, and took me for my induction at the office 15mins drive away. Over the next few days there’s going to be a lot of form filling and paperwork, as well as a medical at the hospital to get my work permit all sorted.

I’ve got to get a local bank account opened, sort my residency visa, work permit, driving licence and alcohol licence. Armed with a tonne of passport photo’s I’m ready for all the forms and most likely a mother-load of paper cuts.

Whilst at work I found out that the brand new metro line which only opened last month has a stop right behind the office, luckily the hotel is only 2 stops away, so actually it’s quicker to take the metro than a taxi. The metro costs about 40p a trip where as a taxi is about £3, so every little helps 🙂

The heat I’m told is much better than it was a couple of months ago, but it’s still staggering, I’m definitely going to take a little bit to get used to the temperature and humidity. Even going out for some lunch is an experience in that heat even if it’s only 5 mins walk away!

Ok well this is only a short message I’ve got to unpack all my bags this evening if I can, so I’m signing off for now. Chat soon all.



4 thoughts on “First day at work…

    • The amount of alcohol you can buy at the store is directly linked to the amount you earn….. So that’s where the licence comes in….

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