We Made It!

So we finally made it to Dubai … and all in one piece thankfully … all our luggage arrived ok and had no trouble with getting through security!

The flight was great … we had pretty good seats to begin with but the steward we got chatting to at our end of the plane took a bit of a liking to us and said he would bump us up if there was space after everyone had finished boarding … and as luck would have it there were two seats together free in Premium Economy … so that worked out pretty well in the end … seats were bigger … and more comfy … the entertainment was better and so were the headphones!

Anyways we were soon both watching films of our choice and once the food was served Perry conked out almost straight away … which was good cause it meant he managed to get a couple hours kip … I however, didn’t manage to sleep a wink … only cause I couldnt get comfortable enough and it became really frustrating … however I survived … we both did … and generally it was a comfortable flight … and the food wasn’t too bad either …

We got off the plane and finally came to passport control where we had to split up cause Perry had to go get his eyes scanned & work visa stamped into his passport while I went through the regular queue … which also meant I got through quicker than him and headed to the baggage reclaim … and most of our bags had arrived by the time Perry had caught up so all in all it was pretty quick getting through the airport …

We came out and found our taxi guy who was waiting to pick us up and came to the hotel where were staying for the next couple weeks … the hotel is called Oasis Court Apartments and while its not the most fancy of hotels … its clean the rooms are a reasonable size and its close to Perry’s work so for now it’ll do!

The heat is incredible … having gotten out the airport at about 8.30am local time it was already over 35 degrees … and wow it hits you like a brick wall of heat when you leave the airport … I think the heat combined with the tiredness from travel caused us both to conk out almost as soon as our heads hit the pillow … and we slept for a good 4ish hours …

Now were up and getting ready to head out for the first time … trying to decide between going to the Mall or to the Beach … I think the Mall is going to win if only cause we need to be sensible and go get ourselves some local Sim cards and other such sensible things!

Perry just got out the shower and has informed me that the hot water when put on the maximum setting is actually colder than the water coming out the cold tap! … this is going to be interesting :S

Ok so I better get going now and get ready myself … but we have internet working in our room and we’re both on skype … so feel free to add us if you fancy a chat … my username is mina.yamini and Perry is pezz361356 … right so I’m going to sign off now …

Till next time …

Mina X

1 thought on “We Made It!

  1. I’m so glad you got there all-right and your bags without any problem. I tried skype you but you didn’t reply. I’ll try again later.
    The house is so empty without you two. The hotel is nice, enjoy the day and don’t get burned.

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