First Day … Dubai Mall …

So as mentioned in the post earlier we headed out to Dubai Mall in the afternoon to get some sensible things done … like eat food and sort ourselves with Local sim cards … it was good fun and I’m really glad we got out of the flat for abit to go and see the city abit … and I know the mall isnt the city but its a start!

The Aquarium in the Mall is huge … but it does look pretty amazing … will have to go and check it out properly one day …

We ended up going to the food court for some dinner … and Perry decided of the 30 different establishments he could select from he would go for the one selling Iranian food … I believe I have succeeded in converting him!

Although I had to admit it was yummy … not as good as my Dad’s Kebabs but still good food …

Anyway so after food we went for a bit of a wander round the mall … got some ice cream … sorted ourselves with some Local Sim cards … saw the waterfall … you know all the normal things you do in a mall … lol … the waterfall is huge … I’m not a 100% sure I like it though …

While we were waiting to be seen at the phone store I popped over to the Waitrose in the mall to get some water … and came across this at the back of the store which made me giggle abit …

Also later in the evening I saw this shower gel in a different supermarket … I’m slightly worried as to why someone would need antibacterial shower gel by Dettol!

Anyway to end the night we went for a stroll near the Dubai Mall Fountain and Burj Khalifa was all lit up and pretty … it was really hot and muggy outside … I mean it was 9pm and still over 35degrees … it was bearable … although it did feel like we were constantly walking round in one of the large Greenhouses at Kew Gardens … it was that muggy!

When we got home we managed to successfully skype my mum and brother … it was good to chat with them and to know that our internet connection at the hotel is good enough to carry a skype video call …

Got to get some sleep now … Perry starts his new job in the morning and I need to get started with a whole list of things … starting with sorting out our suitcases!

Till next time …

Mina X


7 thoughts on “First Day … Dubai Mall …

  1. It does make me laugh when I think about what you were like with the heat in Japan ;)…but looks like you are settling in nicely, and good luck to Perry for tomorrow!

    M x

    p.s. does the Burj Al Arab cast really ominous shadows? will have to come check it out sometime!

    • lol … yeah its pretty similar to what Japan was like that summer … thankfully though i havent had to spend too much time outside yet … its so hot here the fricking bus stops have air con!

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