And We’re Off … Bye Bye Blighty!

Ok so final day today … and it was such a perfect final day it was brilliant … Perry’s parents and sister came up in the morning to spend the day with us before we set off … Spent the morning outside enjoying the sunshine and we even headed down to the Serpentine at Hyde Park for some Ice Cream and to enjoy the sun before heading off to lunch …

We had lunch at Galvin At Windows which is on the 28th Floor of the Hilton hotel on Park Lane … great lunch menu and considering it was a Michelin starred restaurant it was really good value too … great service and the hot chocolate was to die for … literally it was like drinking melted chocolate … it was that good!

The food otherwise was also amazing with starters of Wood pigeon and sweet corn soup, mains of Pork Belly and Ratatouille stuffed Courgettes and Deserts of Carrot cake and Honey Glazed Figs! … YUMMY!!!

Came back to my parents after lunch for some cakes/fruit and Champagne to celebrate some more before packing up the cars and heading off to Terminal 5! … Got a little bit sidetracked on the way there but we managed to get there without any trouble in the end …

Got our bags all checked in … although there was a bit of a rejiggling round cause one of our bags was way over … but we managed to get it all through without having to pay the excess in the end which was a bit of a result!

Got through to duty free now and we’ve done abit of shopping … that is to say I have done some shopping and Perry has bought some sun cream … lol … but he’s gone to get me a Starbucks Frappuccino now and were just sat here waiting for our gate to open now …

Our next blog entry will be coming to you from Sunny Dubai …

Till next time …

Mina X

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