Leaving Party, Birthday & Packing … 6 Days To Go

So really not long left now … only 6 days and counting … its odd cause as we get closer and closer to our flight I realise that there is still so much to be done … yet every time I meet up with some friends or go to visit someone I am still taken back by the fact that it is probably the last time I will see that person/group of people for atleast a few months … and as sad as it is to be saying to goodbye I am starting to get really excited about starting out on our new adventure … its a new chapter in our lives and neither of us haven’t got much of a clue as to what to expect … but its ok that its a bit scary … cause were doing this together and we have each other to lean on when times get a bit tough or we feel homesick … plus there is skype!

Anyway back to the topic at hand … today is our leaving party … its our last weekend in London and it also happens to be my 25th birthday … so we thought we would use this opportunity to have a leaving party with all our friends as one last big get together before we leave … we’ve booked up some tables at the Marquee of Cornwallis in Russel Square (one of Perry and I’s favourite pubs in town) … so the plan is to just have everyone come by who can and to just have a few drinks … catch up … and just generally have a good time … I’m really looking forward to seeing everyone there this afternoon/evening …

Other than that ive spent the last couple days sorting out my life … started to pack my stuff into suitcases … which is proving to be more challenging than it really needs to be … although these vacuum pack bags are amazing!!! seriously so much can fit into them and they are so easy to use its brilliant …

Starting to pack … stage one … get everything in one place!

Stage 2 … get it all into vacuum pack bags and into suitcase … which worked … except I cant have them all in one bag cause it pushes it over the weight limit 😦

Perry is going to be coming to stay with me at my parents for our final week … it makes sense that if I’m going to be doing most of the packing that all his stuff is here so I can atleast get started on it … Perry finishes work on Tuesday … so only leaves a couple days free to do all the final errands we will inevitably need to get done before we leave … so having our bags mostly packed by then will just give us some peace of mind …

My mum and brother have been up in the attic all morning sorting through all of my brothers boxes and bags of stuff that he’s got up there … and just basically having a good clear out of the crap … and there is a serious amount of crap being gotten rid of … of which there is a constant stream of rubbish raining down into the corridor from the attic …

Anyway I think I’ve waffled on for enough now … and I should go help with the clear up …

Till next time …

Mina X


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