One Week!

So the countdown is closing in, only 7 more days left now, then we trundle off into the sunset, work unfortunately has refused to wind down, but oh well, I can’t close everything out before I head off.

Last night was a joint work leaving do shenanigan’s, someone who’s been at the company 30 years is also leaving so we decided to tag team it…. As I write this post I can definitely tell a colossal hangover is on it’s way, they say that hang overs get worse with age, I can now confirm this to be true!

My last memory before crashing back in bed was wandering back from the tube (time unknown) with a half eaten kebab (not a standard Kebab, oh no, a Chiswick kebab, made from only the best elephants legs), and three bottles of wine (that happened to be left undrunk at the end of the night)…. I must have looked so classy! But you know I pulled it off!

The other night we realised that the hand luggage allowance with BA is 23kg so we thought we’d look for some new hand luggage cases. Because we had a voucher for House of Fraser we went to Westfield and managed to get 50% off so we’re now the owners of matching hand luggage, Mina has threatened to put pink stuff on mine so I can tell them apart…

Ta ta for now.



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