Wedding Venue Hunting …

Ok so since I no longer have the hassle of going to work to worry about, I’ve been tasked with going wedding venue hunting on my own … Perry and I sat down and drew up a list of about 25 questions to ask people at each venue covering everything from timings and costs down to the little things like if were allowed confetti! … especially since Perry cant make most of the viewings due to work … it means we have a good way of comparing all the different places if we’ve got the same information on each location.

But damn its tiring!!! was running around like a crazy person on Tuesday to 4 different venues literally all over town … starting out near Liverpool street and going as far as Baker street and back again to near Liverpool street … it was hectic … so hectic in fact that I forgot to eat all day! … this doesnt usually happen to me … I love food too much to skip meals … but I actually didnt have enough time to stop and buy a sandwich!

Saw another 2 venues this morning … both opposite ends of town again (I seem to have a knack for organising consecutive viewings that are no where near each other!) … one in London Bridge and the other in Chiswick … Although I didn’t forget to eat this time!

On top of all the running around, in the last couple days, I’ve spent hours on the phone ringing round talking to different venue event management people to arrange viewings and asking questions … etc … there was lots of Voicemail’s being left and constant ringing round until someone somewhere answered a phone …

Overall though its been worth it … and I’ve seen some lovely places (and some not so lovely) … some have been more suitable than others for the kind of wedding ideas we have … so its going to be a case of sitting down and discussing the options after they have all been seen … working out the numbers … arrange a second viewing for when Perry has finished work so he can see them … and hopefully then make a decision … although I feel it may be wishful thinking to hope that we can make a definitive decision by the end of next week!

Right well back to the phones now … got a couple more places lined up to go see in the next couple days … hopefully get a couple more in the diary and then I think I’ll have covered our long list! … 7 venues viewed so far in total … 4 more to go!

I’ll keep you posted …

Till next time …

Mina X


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