12 days to go …

So really not long left now … less than 2 weeks … I’ve officially quit my job … no longer working … and making the most of this opportunity to stay in bed as long as possible on a monday morning and do as much as i can from my laptop in bed!

Had a great night out yesterday with my bridesmaids to be discussing wedding plans / hen party ideas / etc … was great to catch up with them … particularly Saba who is off on holiday for a while and so i wont see her again most likely before i leave šŸ˜¦

Overall a brilliant evening … so long as you overlook the incident where i left my bag (inc my camera) in theĀ restaurantĀ and didn’t realise till we were at the station … did a mad dash back to the restaurant (leaving a confused Saba and Anna on the platform wondering if id gone mad) … and thankfully it was there … camera and all … those who know me understand that my camera is like an extension of myself … loosing it would be like loosing a limb for me … i really dont know how i would have dealt with the situation!

so back to today … so i have this insanely long list of things i need to do and phone calls i need to be making … so what have i spent the morning doing? searching for wedding photographers (not on my list!) … oh well … would have needed to be done sooner or later!

ok well back to my list …

Till next time …

Mina X


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