19 days remaining

Hello gentlefolk,

Today begins a big week of Birthdays, today is my Aunt Rose’s and Mina’s Mum’s birthdays, then my Mum and Sis later in the week, so that should keep us busy enough. We’ll be travelling down to my Mum & Dads this coming weekend which will be good fun, and I’m sure we’ll be able to nab a roast dinner out of the trip, most likely my last one till Xmas, so mum if you’re reading this, pull out all the stops on this one ok, I’m taking my extra baggy jeans for this one…

Last night I spent the evening hanging out with friends from in and around Kingston, we all caught up for a kind of memorial for our friend Kai who unexpectedly passed away recently, we shared stories and photo’s of our times with him, and all in all it was a very upbeat affair, dotted with moments of silence but mostly us all enjoying being back together as a group again and saying good-bye.

One of many nights out with Kai.

Right, directing this back to the title of the blog, just this week one of my good friends from work has just left the london office, and is now setting up in Dubai from next week, so that’ll be bonus, I’m looking forward to being able to hang out with him when we’re there. From all accounts though the heat is calming down over there along with the humidity..by that I mean it’s only 39°C over there now… Phew I was worried we were going to get cold over there…..

It’s getting to the point of just counting down the days now at work, I have a few accounts left to close out, but hopefully they shouldn’t be any real issue, negotiations start next week so I should be able to have them wrapped up and agreed by the following week, which will be my last full week working for Northcroft. I guess I should start tidying up my desk (which is currently an absolute state) and grabbing the things I want to take with me.

For the time being that’s the bulk of it, so till next time, take care all.



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