Girly Nights In & Disney Movies …

Going round to Laura’s house this evening to hang out with the Girls, its been ages since all of us were in one place together long enough to just spend time with each other and catch up. There is always one of two of us who isn’t around, be it cause they are off travelling or away in another part of the country at Uni, and now, what with me moving to Dubai, it will be quite a while before I’ll have a chance to spend time with all of them again like this.

Tonight is primarily a bit of a farewell party for Harri who is off to Bristol for 6months for work, and so we are taking the opportunity to get together round Laura’s (which seems to be the place we congregate most regularly) to drink wine and sing along to Disney movies, I believe tonight’s selection involves Beauty and the Beast.

I’m also taking the opportunity to take my camera round and get some pictures of the girls, because I’m going to miss them and we don’t have that many proper pictures of us all together … as I’ve said before … there is always someone missing in the photo!

Only 5 full working days left till I finish work … eek … times quickly flying by … thankfully I seem to be managing to get most of my work wrapped up neatly before I leave … so I hopefully wont be leaving much of a mess behind after I’m gone!

Right off to go see the girls …

Till next time



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