Evenings with Friends

So tonight Perry and I had dinner with a good uni friend of ours Ricky, who we hadnt seen for a while, so it was great to just sit down and catch up and not worry about trying to find a job, or planning something for Dubai, as much fun as that is, its also nice to take a break from that and just hang out with friends.

Have alot happening this week and this month generally, every weekend between now and when we leave is all booked up with things to do, which is great, lots of parties and birthdays to celebrate before we go. On the otherhand its also quite scary cause it keeps reminding us that we dont have much time left!

Winding down at work now, with less than 2 weeks to go before I finish on site, I’m starting to hand over my workload to my replacement. I’m looking forward to having a couple weeks to get myself together and pack in plenty of time, I know at the end im going to be running round like a headless chicken.

Anyway time to sign off for now … till next time!

Mina X


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