26 Days until D-Day

Hi All,

Well as Mina’s post started the blog off, the count down has begun. I’m going to refer to it as D-Day from now on. This week was a busy one, not a great deal of actual organising for Dubai, we’ve mainly kept ourselves busy celebrating my quarter century.

The time seems to be flying by now, every time I sit back and take a moment to think about what needs to be done, another week has passed. So we’re down to just about 3 weeks left.

The remaining time will be mainly spent celebrating family and friends birthdays, My Mum & Sister, Mina’s Mum & Dad and of course Mina’s birthday, so all in all a packed month.

I spent Saturday hanging out with a couple of friends who are heading back to Australia this month as well other friends who came along to hang out, including Dr Alan Morris, one of my lecturers from University who is well into his 80’s and an absolute legend. He cycles from Wimbledon to Central London every single morning to lecture, I can only hope I’m half as mobile as he is, if I get to that age.

Well I know this is a short post, I’ll hopefully do one later this week, with more updates on the actual move and what is occurring generally.

Take care all, speak soon!


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