And We’re Off … Bye Bye Blighty!

Ok so final day today … and it was such a perfect final day it was brilliant … Perry’s parents and sister came up in the morning to spend the day with us before we set off … Spent the morning outside enjoying the sunshine and we even headed down to the Serpentine at Hyde Park for some Ice Cream and to enjoy the sun before heading off to lunch …

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1 more day …

I have now officially finished work in the UK, I was given a lovely leaving speech, card and even an Apple Voucher as a leaving present from everyone at Northcroft so all in all a nice way to leave.

On Saturday Mina & I had a bit of a leaving party with our friends in London and for Mina’s birthday (check out the previous blog post from Mina).

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Leaving Party Photos …

So our leaving party on Saturday turned out to be a great success … had a great turn out and everyone appeared to have a good time … lots of photos were taken that evening and I finally managed to edit them down to a reasonable number … but of those I’ve uploaded my favourites here …

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Leaving Party, Birthday & Packing … 6 Days To Go

So really not long left now … only 6 days and counting … its odd cause as we get closer and closer to our flight I realise that there is still so much to be done … yet every time I meet up with some friends or go to visit someone I am still taken back by the fact that it is probably the last time I will see that person/group of people for atleast a few months … and as sad as it is to be saying to goodbye I am starting to get really excited about starting out on our new adventure … its a new chapter in our lives and neither of us haven’t got much of a clue as to what to expect … but its ok that its a bit scary … cause were doing this together and we have each other to lean on when times get a bit tough or we feel homesick … plus there is skype!

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One Week!

So the countdown is closing in, only 7 more days left now, then we trundle off into the sunset, work unfortunately has refused to wind down, but oh well, I can’t close everything out before I head off.

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Wedding Venue Hunting …

Ok so since I no longer have the hassle of going to work to worry about, I’ve been tasked with going wedding venue hunting on my own … Perry and I sat down and drew up a list of about 25 questions to ask people at each venue covering everything from timings and costs down to the little things like if were allowed confetti! … especially since Perry cant make most of the viewings due to work … it means we have a good way of comparing all the different places if we’ve got the same information on each location.

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12 days to go …

So really not long left now … less than 2 weeks … I’ve officially quit my job … no longer working … and making the most of this opportunity to stay in bed as long as possible on a monday morning and do as much as i can from my laptop in bed!

Had a great night out yesterday with my bridesmaids to be discussing wedding plans / hen party ideas / etc … was great to catch up with them … particularly Saba who is off on holiday for a while and so i wont see her again most likely before i leave 😦

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