And the Countdown Begins!

Less than 5 weeks to go till the big move to Dubai! Everything is starting to come together, we now have flights & hotel booked, we’re all moved out of our flat and have organised our leaving party event on Facebook!

We fly out on the 30th Sept on a late night flight out of heathrow and land in Dubai the following morning, thankfully we’ll be heading out when Autumn is settling in so the temperature should be more bearable. Also Ramadan will have finished so we wont have to worry about upsetting the locals by accidentally eating in public!

Sky from Philip Bloom on Vimeo.

We’ve still got to arrange for a hire car for when we’re out there, and Perry starts work the day after we get to Dubai, so I’m going to have the daytime to search for jobs, get in contact with people over there, and sleep on the beach 🙂

Time is flying by, and with September being jam packed already with Birthdays (6 between both families) and other events, I’ve got a feeling it’s only going to go by that much faster. Hopefully we can catch up with you all before we leave, but if not we plan on being back at Xmas.

After Xmas we plan to have our permanent accommodation arranged so you’ll all have to make sure that you get over to see us at some point as well. We’ll be getting a 2 bedroom place, so plenty of space for all those who want to venture over!

Mina X

5 thoughts on “And the Countdown Begins!

  1. Hi to you both!

    How exciting all this news is for you! Jealous of your move to Dubai, my sister use to live their and I still have friends over there. Such a great place, when my sister was their I use to go about 3 times a year!

    Where is Perry working and do you know where you are planning on living?

    Also Congratulations on your engagement news, all go with you both!

    Anyway good luck and I look forward to hearing updates, you will love it!!

    Take care


    • Hey Phil,

      I’m going to be working for Davis Langdon out there, we’re going to wait until we’re out there before choosing exactly where to live, but from all accounts the Marina is the place to be and there’s more than a few places available down there.

      Hope you’re well and keeping busy!

      Take care


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